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Our engineers and architects are MikroTik certified consultants

We support, configure, troubleshoot and design:

  • MikroTik Routers (RouterBoard, CCR, CHR, and more)

  • MikroTik Switches (CRS, and more)

  • MikroTik Wireless (SXT, LHG, and more)

  • MikroTik Virtualization (MikroTik x86, CHR)

  • MikroTik Hotspots


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The largest and most trusted MikroTik consulting firm globally.

IP ArchiTechs Managed Services is a global leader in proven multi-vendor network architecture, implementation and long term support. IP ArchiTechs excels in serving some of the worlds best known brands while providing the confidence and credibility to deploy whitebox technologies, including MikroTik, in critical network infrastructure.

We are able to confidently operate in networks with tens of thousands of routers and switches by leveraging proven operational and design best practices, which allow for agile and resilient topologies.


Comprehensive, professional and trusted multi-vendor support

Being vendor neutral, IP ArchiTechs has no bias towards a particular platform and currently supports heterogeneous environments all over the world. MikroTik has been a great inclusion because it can perform well in global ISP, enterprise and data center environments while enjoying an incredible CAPEX and OPEX reduction.

We will support you in the most business sensitive and professional manner possible. Our world class team operates a comprehensive lab environment and has fully integrated MikroTik into Cisco/Juniper architectures – with a specialization in failover design and capacity planning.

Your business is critical to you and our firm truly understands that, which is why we are the most successful MikroTik support organization in the world.


Decades of experience in Service Provider, Enterprise and Data Center at expert levels

IP ArchiTechs has extensive experience in service provider networks and large scale deployments of BGP, MPLS, and OSPF protocols on MikroTik and all major network platforms. Our firm is the most accomplished MikroTik integrator when supporting critical environments by using proven architectures that allow service providers to trim operating costs.

Whether it be an Internet Exchange or peering point, IP ArchiTechs has proven designs to dramatically reduce costs and still be able to serve hundreds of thousands of users on MikroTik hardware. Highly scalable PPPoE environments ( BRAS) that save as much as 80% over a traditional solution, is among our history of significant achievements using MikroTik at scale.

The datacenter is one of the most critical environments, and IP ArchiTechs has a comprehensive library of designs that allow for fully HA environments passing hundreds of gigabits of traffic through a critical network core. Having designed a fullly HA architecture with MikroTik routers and comparing it to supporting very costly Cisco Nexus equipment is a true statement of MikroTik’s power.

Our firm exists to give you the confidence to implement these fantastic designs in your critical infrastructure. Whether you prefer Cisco, Juniper or Cumulus Linux, IP ArchiTechs is a comprehensive support firm that will provide the architecture assistance and long term support so you can fully realize the cost savings of MikroTik in your environment.

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