Network Operations as a Service

Network Operations as a Service (NetOpSaaS)

A managed, easily deployed hosting environment with essential tools and software every successful network operator should have running.  IP ArchiTechs takes the pain out of server management, deployment, software maintenance, by providing a ready to use platform.

This is great for greenfield and small to medium ISPs that need to leverage monitoring, documentation, change tracking, and automation, but don’t have the time or skill to deploy it rapidly or with confidence.

What Is Included?

Currently, your tenant space with IP ArchiTechs will include tools for the essential, valuable pieces of your network operations.

  • Monitoring and graphing for all of your devices, with discovery, and application capabilities.
  • Automation tools to help remediate issues or perform mass changes to your network in a controlled manner.
  • Change tracking of all of your device configs with revision history to pin point exactly what happened when unexpected behavior presents itself.
  • True, single source of truth, documentation to always have a reference as to what should be vs what is.  This data is key for growing networks as it more efficiently allows for adding staff, auditing, and business continuity plans.

Over time, IP ArchiTechs will add additional tools and services to this offering as well.

Where Is My Data?

IP ArchiTechs mantains a dedicated data center inside of the Iron Mountain facility in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the safest locations in North America – free from earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Having this off site repository of information regarding your network is crucial to a viable recovery plan in case of disaster.

What To Expect

Once a client is onboarded, a virtual tenant space is built within the IPA data center with a dedicated firewall gateway. This allows for connectivity to the client network without issues arising from IP overlap. It also creates a more secure environment as software instances are dedicated to each client and not shared across clients.

Web portals for hosted software can be accessed via pubic DNS name and are whitelisted by source IP for increased security.

Once a VPN is established to the client network, configuration management, backups and network automation can be enabled.

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